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Uncle Jimmy Ultimate Trio Moisture and Style Kit

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This Kit is great for men in need of a proper Hair and Beard Care Regimen. 

• A unique styler that easily creates lift, texture, and separation for unstructured styles and looks.
• Leaves hair looking clean and polished while adding incredible texture, hold, and control.
• Made with black seed and honey to give you the flexibility to style your hairstyle while maintaining healthy hair.

The Black Seed, Honey and blend of essential oils / extracts will soften the beard, provide intense moisture, reduce ingrown hairs, and stimulate the hair’s natural growth system for a fuller, more manageable beard.

A blend of essential oils and extracts that will leave the beard soft, moisturized, and conditioned with a nice polished shine. Combats dryness and flakes, fights ingrown hairs and leaves beard smelling amazing.


Hair; First thoroughly wet then shampoo your hair once per week. Make sure to rinse completely. Following shampoo, apply a small dab of the Uncle Jimmy Molding Putty onto your palms and rub hands together until the product is transparent. Work Putty through your hair from nape to forehead making sure to spread the product evenly from roots to ends. Style as desired.

Beard; Shampoo your beard 1-3 times per week depending on the level of oil your skin produces. Shampoo less if your skin tends to be dry and more if your skin tends to be oily. Following shampoo, condition your beard by applying a small amount of the Uncle Jimmy Beard Softener Conditioning Balm to your palms and evenly distributing the product throughout your beard in a downward motion. For longer, thicker beards, you may use a comb or brush to aid in even distribution. Finally, use the Uncle Jimmy Beard Oil to replenish beard and skin moisture as needed by massaging and evenly distributing a small amount of the product through your beard.