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How To Become A Vendor

As the world progresses, priorities take precedence and Family is our number one priority here at Reina Organica.  As we were once a start up company so are you all, entrepreneurs starting out fresh sifting your way through to be seen and heard. At this point quality is key to acquire that new long lasting audience and that is what we offer on this e-commerce website, that disciplined straight forward quality service. We therefore open our doors to you our Family because success is never ending there is more than enough to go around, so let's do this together!

How Does It All Work?

Step 1:

Click on link HERE

Step 2:

Fill out form and submit

Step 3:

Application would be reviewed by our team within 24 Hours. Your status can also be checked at info@reinaorganicatt.com

Step 4:

Once approved the applicant would immediately be contacted.

What We Offer;

  • Personal Vendor Portal access where you see your own analytics, orders, customers, inventory etc.
  • Unlimited Products
  • Customized Email Campaign
  • A Business Blog Introduction where we discuss vendor's brand and products offered.
  • Home Page Feature
  • Social Media Posting on all our platforms which would build your following and drive major traffic to your products.
  • Daily Service Center Support
  • Delivery Services (Optional) 

Payment Plan:

Payment shall commence at the end of the Vendor’s (30) thirty day calendar month period.

Monthly Fee of $100.00TTD 

Ready to become a Vendor? Click Here.

 Feel free to contact us at: 8684734438