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Snappee by Swirly Curly

"I created the Snappee Hair Tie out of personal frustration; I was sick of regular hair ties that pulled out chunks of my hair! My natural hair journey started 9 years ago when I finally decided to do the 'big chop'. I had to learn how to care for my hair instead of using a relaxer (is curly hair stressed or something? Please!) or texturizer.
After thousands of hours of research and experiments I finally got the BOMB Fro I was working so hard to get. In fact, my hair landed me numerous modeling and acting jobs in Los Angeles!
However, between the standard bun for the gym, afros, puffs & up-dos for auditions, I wished I had a hair accessory I could use to transform my hair throughout the day.
So, I created the Snappee Hair Tie. The Snappee allows you to style your hair without snagging your precious locks. The design makes it's easy to create puffs and other creative styles.
With Snappees, breakage, tangles, and damage is history!
The Snappee is extra soft and stretchy to protect your hair while keeping it locked into your favorite ‘do. They snap back after use unlike regular hair ties that stretch out over time. Just toss your Snappees into the washer & dryer with your regular laundry routine and see how they snap right back into shape!
I didn't like the fact that I kept having to buy hair ties if they broke or stretched out so Snappees have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE so you no longer have to keep paying to replace your hair ties again!
The Snappee hair tie will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over your lifetime because you don't have to keep buying throw away hair ties that damage your hair!"
Keziah Dhamma