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DIY Natural Protein Hair Treatment

At this point in time, we say let's be creative, enjoy the life we have been given and care for ourselves and loved ones like never before (seeing that we probably have the time), and as promised, here's a simple DIY Protein Treatment you can try at home, because who doesn't love a good DIY? Like really?? It can also be added to your current deep conditioner for some extra oomph.

How can you determine your hair is in need of a protein treatment?

Your hair lets you know. If you realize your curls aren't springing back up like before, or it feels dry and brittle, most likely it's in need of some protein to strengthen those strands.

What are protein treatments and their benefits?

It is essential to maintaining healthy hair. It helps prevent breakage, repair damage, strengthens hair and restores elasticity. Protein-rich products make your hair softer, enhance your curls and moisturize. It can be used on all hair types, relaxed, color-treated hair, natural, you name it. 

It should be noted that Protein Treatments are best used when needed. As excessive use can lead to breakage as well and as they say "Too much of anything is good for nothing". Once a month should be just fine or every six weeks depending on the needs of your hair.

Ingredients used in this protein treatment.

1-2 Large Eggs ~ Promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss, decreases dryness, breakage, and repairs damage.

2 Tsp Argan Oil ~ Helps to treat frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Reduces scalp inflammation and dandruff, it also makes your hair look shinier.

3 Drops of Lavender oil ~ Stimulates hair growth with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which can improve scalp health.

Optional Ingredients

Banana ~ Improves manageability and shine, prevent and control dandruff, and moisturize your scalp

Avocado ~ It's a natural moisturizer, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth, protects and strengthens hair.

Plain Greek Yogurt ~ Helps fight dandruff and itchiness in the scalp, conditions dry and damaged hair.

Coconut Oil ~ Comes with numerous benefits. Dandruff prevention, reduce protein loss, conditions hair, moisture retention just to name a few.


1. Combine eggs, argan oil and lavender oil in a bowl.

2. Add optional Ingredient (Use Crushed Banana, Avocado or Yogurt for creamy consistency)

3. Mix until well combined.

4. Apply to hair in sections, twist and cover with a shower cap or plastic bag.

5. Leave on for 30 mins & rinse with cold water.

Style as desired.

 You can download the free printable DIY recipe below.

Reina Organica TT Free DIY Protein Treatment

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