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Got Dry Scalp?

The scalp, like any other skin, needs to be able to "breathe" think of it as an extension of the face. Just as pores on the face can become clogged, hair follicles too can experience obstruction if products are placed directly on them.⁣ Know that you are not alone. Scalp Dryness is a common complaint within the natural hair community. And in some cases you are not to be blamed, it can be related to a genetic lack of sebum production at the scalp level. In most cases however, scalp dryness may be self induced. When products are placed directly on the scalp, and allowed to buildup, scalp conditions become unfavorable and problems with scalp dryness and hair growth can...

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Hairstyles For Natural Hair

There are a plethora of styles for every curly hair texture and hair length that would have you looking BOMB for every and any occasion. If you are looking for a hairstyle that's beginner-friendly or a hairstyle that is much more glam, we have put together a few from our fav influencers. Look out for numerous comments after rocking these girl. 1. Twist-Out An amazing defined twist-out would forever be a show stopper, you literally can never go wrong. It always makes your definition pop and is great for those naturals who want to stay away from heat styling. Want to achieve a super defined Twist-out? Get the Deets HERE  If you have shorter hair, never fear you can rock a...

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Aphogee Protein Treatment Is A Must

Do you know regardless of your hair type, you need a protein treatment at some point? Yup, you do! Because no matter the type of hair you have, it is going to suffer damage and develop weak spots within its structure. The curl pattern and structure of everyone's hair is created by chemical bonds called disulfide bonds.Every single time you manipulate your hair, you're inflicting some kind of damage to it. And that's where Protein treatments come in! The purpose of Protein Treatments is to temporarily strengthen and tighten these bonds.You may ask yourself; Do I need a protein treatment? There are ways you can tell. If your hair feels weak, limp, or lifeless, or it seems like products aren't working and no amount...

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Best Twist-Out Every Single Time

I get these questions quite often, how do you achieve all that definition?? How do you split your twist without frizz?? How does it last so long?? And honestly, it's not as hard as you think. For some, it may take some time, but when you get the hang of it, girl you're going to do it with your eyes closed. I addressed this a few times on Instagram but I figure it should have a home on the site as it's frequently asked. So let's get to learning, take out your pen and paper kids, it's about to get real! Just kidding!!! Step One - Foundation  "You can't build a great building on a weak foundation." Gordon HinckleyStart with a...

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DIY Natural Protein Hair Treatment

Are your curls not popping like before? Does it feel dry and brittle? Then most likely it's in need of some protein to strengthen those strands. This free printable DIY Protein Treatment will get you back on the right track.

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